Driver Takes Off from Odessa Police, Crashes Into Trees

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - We're learning more about a crash that happened in Odessa on Tuesday night.

Originally, it was thought it was a car chase but it turns out Odessa Police pulled over a car at Fall and Monahans Street.

That's when 25-year-old Larry Torres took off in his car.

He crashed at Clements and Fall about 200 yards away from where he was pulled over.

Torres' SUV rolled and took out two trees, a chain link fence, a street sign and even the homeowner's parked car.

After the crash, Torres kicked out his windshield and took off on foot.

Police chased him and eventually found him.

Torres was given multiple tickets for running a stop sign, not having insurance and having an expired driver's license.

But his troubles won't end with the tickets; a warrant could be issued for him leaving the scene of an accident.