Non-Profit Organization Seeing Increase in Clients

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The oil boom is bringing a lot of new families to the Basin and many of them are seeking the services of non-profit groups.

One of those is Birthright, it's an organization that helps families deal with unplanned pregnancies and they're seeing more and more people walk through their doors.

For many families, an unplanned pregnancy can bring a lot of stress whether it's a financial or burden or decisions about whether to put a child up for adoption, that's where Birthright comes in.

"We are here to be supportive in whatever their situation is," Director, Mary Holley, said.

Holley says when the recession hit the area a few years ago, many people didn't want to start a family or add another child to it, but today, even with the strong economy in West Texas, there's still a challenge.

"We are seeing kind of the flip side of that, people saying I can't have a child because we both work and we need to keep our jobs. So being pregnant is a very serious big deal," Holley said.

She says women that follow their husbands to this area, have no family or friends that can provide some guidance during their pregnancy.

"They don't have the network of friends and family like someone who has been here a long time and so they do often come to us," Holley said.

Not only does Birthright provide a free pregnancy test, they also provide clothes and they refer their clients to different agencies to seek further assistance.

"We refer them to Hope Chest, we refer for parenting classes. Even in our good economy, alot of people are in the situation that they will need financial help and so we let them know where the Medicaid office is," Holley said.

Regardless of the economy, Holley says they will continue to serve their clients.

"We are just here to be supportive in whatever their situation is," Holley said.