City of Iraan Seeing The Effects of the Oil Boom

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

STANTON - The oil boom has struck the small town of Iraan and the expanding town is proof.

Many people are moving in and they all need a place to stay. That is why the co-owner of the Mesa View Inn decided to build a new motel in town.

"The city of Iraan, they needed a new motel of this coming into our community, family reunions so forth. It was needed," Roy Byrd, co-owner of the motel, said.

The old Tejas Bank has been in town for many decades but it was outdated and behind the times. Now all that has changed. The new bank has an ATM machine and a three lane drive thru. It may not sound like much to most but Zane Rhyne, Senior Vice President of the bank says, the renovation will serve the community better.

"Having a bank that you know cares about the community and wants to keep up with the times and technology and just keep advancing and moving forward. Our main goal is to help the community in any way we can," Rhyne said.

Another project in town is a new wellness center which will include an indoor pool, walking track and fitness area. Teresa Callahan, CEO for the Iraan General Hospital, says this new facility will benefit the residents in Iraan.

"This is supposed to be for preventative help for the people. We don't have anything here in town like that for the people. This is going to help keep the people healthy, especially for residents with diabetes and hypertension, so we are excited for it," Callahan said.

When the small town gears up for Friday night lights, parents will notice a new football field and track, these are just a few of the many projects in the works for the growing town.