Hope For Hailey Dunn Group Trying New Approach at Keeping Teen's Story Alive

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

It's been a year and a half since Hailey Dunn went missing from Colorado City but one local group isn't giving up hope that she'll be found safe.

Hope for Hailey volunteer Susie Griffith and others are trying to keep Hailey's story alive.

"We sat down, we decided what can we do to get the word out further," Griffith said.

After brainstorming ideas, they decided on creating a printable flier sent via email.

The group has already sent it to several DPS offices in Texas but they're not stopping there. Volunteers are also emailing the flier to main branches of DPS offices across the United States.

"We asked them to interoffice it, share it with family and friends and possibly print it and pass it forward and spread the word," Griffith said. "Email communications are the quickest way you can get the word out. You can do it within seconds and it reaches millions."

Griffith said the group is hoping the power of technology and social media will bring Hailey home.

"The more people see her face, the more people see her name, the more chance that someone may see her somewhere and realize, I saw her on a flier and they will call that number," Griffith said.

NewsWest 9 went out asking people if they would recognize Hailey if they saw her.

A few people did know Hailey's face.

"I've seen the name on my way to Oklahoma," Travis Kroll said. "I've seen a billboard of it."

But many we spoke to only remembered her name.

"I've heard that she went missing but that was it," Kim Carpenter said.

Griffith and others want this to change. They have hope the emails and fliers will do just that.

"We can't assume that we know what happened to Hailey," Griffith said. "We have to keep hope alive that Hailey is still out there so people are looking for her."

Hope For Hailey is planning an August prayer vigil and balloon release in honor of Hailey's 15th birthday. It's scheduled for Aug. 25th across from Dunn's old home on 1804 Chestnut in Colorado City.