XCOR Aerospace to Call Midland Home

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Midland International Airport will be home to XCOR Aerospace. XCOR is in the business of developing and producing safe, reliable and reusable rocket powered vehicles.

Now, the Basin is known for its oilfield and gas industry, officials with XCOR say bringing a new form of technology will benefit everyone.
"If we are ever gonna do any serious diversification, it's gonna be in the aerospace industry," Midland Mayor, Wes Perry, said.

Members from the Midland Economic Development Corporation, City Council Members, the Mayor and even Texas Governor Rick Perry were on deck to hear the official announcement that XCOR Aerospace will be coming to the Tall City.
According to Jeff Greason, President and CEO of XCOR Aerospace, he told NewsWest 9 why Midland was the best choice. 

"You have great flying weather out here. You have a beautiful down range place for us to fly over where we are not putting people at risk. You have a very welcoming business climate," Greason said.

A combination of things is what put Midland over the top. Midland Mayor Wes Perry told NewsWest 9 he has been talking to XCOR for about four months and he says after meeting with XCOR officials, he knew Midland had a pretty good shot.

"Hearing their reasons of why Midland would make it, it made a whole lot of sense," Perry said.  

Greason says this type of technology is something Midland should be excited about.
"I love the oilfield and gas industry too. We all need energy but I think it's always better to have a mix of industries," Greason said.

Mayor Perry said the Permian Basin is already experiencing a technology takeover, now this technology will be in aerospace. 

"If you think about the oilfield industry, what we are experiencing now is really a technology based boom, if you want to use the word, because that's what's driving all this, the amount of oil coming out of the ground is coming from technological advances," Perry said.  

XCOR plans to hire 100 employees, however by the time the facility is constructed, the housing crunch shouldn't be an issue.
Midland's motto is "The Sky is the Limit" but with XCOR Aerospace calling Midland it's new home, the sky is no longer an option because they are thinking aerospace.