Midland County Woman Fights Truck Traffic, Then County

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - In the Bonito Estates neighborhood in Midland County, dozens upon dozens of construction 18-wheelers zoom down North County Road 1148, right past the home of Kim Boyce and her family.

"I've had as many as 36 every 30 minutes from seven in the morning until five at night," she said.

The trucks are heading to the nearby industrial park and Boyce is concerned for the safety of her kids.

The Bonito Estates developer, who chose to remain anonymous, echoes her worries.

"We got our kids out here running around, playing and stuff and then we're concerned that they might get hit, run over," he said.

Boyce said she's had Midland County Sheriff's deputies, TxDOT and DPS officers all out to her neighborhood.

She said while they agreed this shouldn't be happening, they said there isn't anything they can do right now.

So Boyce did something herself, erecting 12 signs on her property, costing $2,000 out of her own pocket, saying: "Slow, Children at Play."

On Thursday, more than six county workers removed her signs.

NewsWest 9's cameras arrived just as the last of them were driving away.

"They told me that this is a non-posted county road and that those trucks can go 60 miles an hour if they want," Boyce said. "I'm really confused at how the city has enough money to pay all these employees to come remove my signs but they told me in January they would have some speed limit signs out here within weeks and we're in July and there is no speed limit sign."

The developer said there's another way all the trucks can take to the park.

"There's a reliever route out here," he said. "They don't have to come through here but they do it anyway."

NewsWest 9's calls to the county on this issue were not returned.

For now, Boyce said she'll keep fighting the issue for the sake of her kids.

"If one of my kids gets ran over, they're going to be the first ones telling me that they're sorry and, I'll be honest, I don't believe them because I've been trying to do something about it myself," she said.