County Residents Not Happy About Firework Popping

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - Many West Texans will be bringing in the fourth of July with a bang but not everyone is too happy about it. They say it will only cause a lot of headaches.

Popping fireworks is only legal out in the county, but in West Odessa, they're dreading what will be left behind.

"It's horrible the dogs don't like it, and they keep them awake all night between the fireworks," West Odessa Resident, Tommie Cebolt, said.

However, they leave an ugly mess behind.

"They leave a big mess, they leave all the remnants of all the firecrackers everywhere. We end up having to pick it up ourselves," West Odessa resident, Sirita Uribia, said.

Since popping fireworks is illegal within city limits, alot of folks head out into the county. That means West Odessa gets their own show but they also get stuck with the trash.

"They leave the trash behind and you gotta go out and clean it up," Cebolt said.

Although the majority of West Odessans prefer the fireworks be popped somewhere else, not everyone minds the trash, some are more concerned about the fire threat.

"Fire is what I am worried about. The wind looks like is going to blow, so we will wait and see hopefully everything will be alright," West Odessa resident, Ron Huff, said.

Manuel Tarin says he'll be keeping a close watch on who is popping fireworks near his home.

"If they make trash they are gonna clean it up, all the people have to protect their own land," Tarin said.