Fireworks Sales on The Rise

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9 9

Odessa - When it comes to fireworks in the Basin there are people that are going all out this year, and the price for fireworks has almost no limit.

Everyone's ready to celebrate America's birthday,and TNT Fireworks is proof of that. Retha Maxey stand manager says, their sales spiked leading up to the big day.

"Our sales this year have tripled from what they were in the number of days we had to be out here," said Maxey.

Truckloads Firework is also having a good year, with fireworks flying off the shelves.

Emily Olliff, stand manager at Truckload Fireworks believes the high sales could be because last year no one was allowed to sell or buy them, but she also says the boom could have a lot to do with it.

"The economy is really good here we've had a lot of new people moving to Odessa and Midland and the surrounding areas and so we've seen an increase of sale," said Olliff.

With the high demand of fireworks, Truckload Fireworks has been receiving a shipment of fireworks everyday since opening their doors.

"Lot more people are buying the big stuff we got so many new products this year, and the big stuff is flying off the shelf can't keep it stocked," said Olliff.

Maxey says this year people are willing to shell out big bucks to light up the sky.

"Seven Hundred dollars is what they are getting to play with tonight, and then they'll be back," said Maxey.

People like Hector Mancha has spent a good penny on fireworks, and he has no plans on stopping.

"I spent five hundred the other day, but last night me and my little brother spent about another hundred bucks, probably 200 dollars more the big stuff though not the little stuff, said Mancha.

Other customers such as David Lagan don't have a limit on how much money they plan to spend this Fourth of July.

"So basically, me and my checkbook. Do you have a limit? not really," said Lagan.