Passengers Stranded Overnight at Midland International Airport

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Passengers on board United Flight 1742 took off from Midland International Airport en route to Los Angeles.

UPDATE: 10:00 AM

MIDLAND - The city of Midland tells us that the fire department responded to a grounded flight at 9:08 p.m. They tell us United Flight 1742 traveling from Florida to Los Angeles was diverted due to a medical emergency.

The male passenger was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital. Passengers tell us that the pilot confirmed that the man was pronounced dead, but MAF officials and Midland Police have not confirmed the passenger's death. They only said he had been transported to the hospital.

Passengers are being accommodated by United at the Midland International Airport. A departure flight is being scheduled for 1:40 this afternoon.

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MIDLAND - United Airlines has released an official statement on the emergency landing of Flight 1742. The following is from Christen David, United Spokeswoman:

United flight 1742, Orlando to Los Angeles, diverted to Midland International Airport when a customer became ill.  The flight landed safely, without incident at approximately 9:20 p.m. local.  Paramedics met the plane and transported the passenger to a local hospital.  The Boeing 737 carried 151 passengers and five crew.

After landing, we discovered an aircraft maintenance issue and we were forced to cancel the flight.  Due to hotel unavailability in Midland, the customers remained overnight in a quiet section of the terminal. We provided our customers with meals, beverages, pillows and blankets.  A new flight from Midland to Los Angeles is scheduled to depart early this afternoon.

MIDLAND -  Passengers of United Flight 1742 have been stranded at Midland International Airport since 9:15 p.m. Sunday night.

Stranded passengers contacted NewsWest9 stating they had been stranded without food, water, blankets or pillows over night.

Passengers tell NewsWest 9 that someone died on board, forcing the emergency landing. Then once on the ground, it was determined that the plane also had mechanical problems

The flight was en route from Orlando to Los Angles when mechanical problems occurred, and they were forced to make an emergency landing. We will continue to bring you additional information as it becomes available.