Andrews Man "No-Billed" in Murder Case

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - An Andrews man accused of murdering a woman in her home back in 2009 is off the hook for the crime.

A grand jury handed down the decision on Thursday.

It's a three year old case that sparked a lengthy investigation.

You'll remember back in April of 2009, 22-year-old Gloria Olivas was found dead in her home off of 5th St. in Andrews.

Police arrested a then 20-year-old Jacob Trevino after he was called to the police station for an interview.

Trevino and Olivas were previously in a relationship and police had been called to the house for domestic disturbances in the past.

The Andrews County Grand Jury met on Tuesday and decided to no-bill Trevino.

Officials tell NewsWest 9 after a long investigation of all the facts and evidence by the Andrews Police Dept., the Sheriff's Office and the Texas Rangers, there just wasn't enough evidence to formally charge Trevino with murder.

In a press release, District Attorney Timothy Mason said "Hopefully now that the investigation is complete and the Grand Jury has made its finding, everyone impacted by this tragic loss may finally find closure and move forward."

Olivas was the mother of three children, one of whom Trevino was the father.