Fire Season in Full Swing

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

Midland -  At a moments notice a fire can strike, and wipe out everything you own. It's not just cigarettes, and fireworks that are causing concern.

"We are coming on to a season that is going to be very active for ignition sources," said Assistant Fire Marshall David Hickman.

Those ignition sources is what has Hickman worried, he says besides fireworks and cigarettes, running your electricity at peak hours can cause a disaster .

"Power lines are starting to spark people putting more demands on their electrical systems and their homes.If they are not wired properly then we are getting some ignitions from electrical fires,"said Hickman.

Hickman said with the triple digit weather that's expected, and residents need to be extra careful while doing outdoor activities.

"If you are cooking outside especially over the fourth make sure you have water or some other extinguishing agent to make sure it's maintained all the time, extinguish those fires before you go to bed at night,"said Hickman

If the fire grows too large back away and let the professionals take care of it. Hickman said the number one mistake you can make is try and control a roaring blaze.

"A lot of time people will try to put the fire out themselves and the fire will grow beyond their control very quickly," said Hickman

He said with the housing crunch we are currently facing if someone loses their home due to a fire, more than likely, they will be displaced for quite some time.

"If you are out of your house because of a fire there is a high probability that you will not be able to move in something quickly because there is no housing available, I don't even think the red cross can get you into a hotel room because they are all booked up," said Hickman.