Two Odessa Women Behind Bars After Their Kids Fall Out of Vehicle

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Two Odessa women are behind bars after the kids fell out of a Tahoe.

29-year-old Alexis Gonzales and 40-year-old Jesusita Young are each charged with endangering a child.

Back in May, Gonzales told Odessa Police at the hospital that her four year old son unbuckled himself in his booster seat, opened the car door and fell out on Grant Avenue.

The boy was treated for a fracture skull and a broken foot but was listed in good condition.

Later that night, Police came back to the hospital because they found out Young's daughter had also fallen out of the Tahoe.

Young told Police that her daughter was in the back seat with Gonzales' daughter and he grabbed her causing her to fall out with him.

She said Gonzales told her to lie and say only the boy fell out.

The girl only suffered road rash.