Agency Investigating Alleged Elderly Neglect Case In Fort Stockton

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON  - A scandal is rocking the town of Fort Stockton this evening. An alleged case of elderly neglect has the Department of Aging and Disability Services shaking their heads. Although details are limited, NewsWest 9 has learned that the incident occurred sometime last week.

A source tells NewsWest 9 that an elderly man was left outside for an unknown amount of time outside the Fort Stockton Nursing Center. According to the source, he was left out in the sun causing him to get sunburned.

"The only thing that I can confirm at this point, is that we did receive a complaint along the lines of what you described to me, and we are actively investigating that complaint," Allison Lowery, Media Relations Manager for Department of Aging and Disability Services, said.

She says because it is an ongoing investigation, details are limited. However, she did confirm that the incident happened sometime last week .

"Typically in any kind of complaint or incident investigation we will make an unannounced visit to the facility so staff there will not know when we're coming or even if we have received a complaint," Lowery said.

Lowery encourages people to step up to the plate if they witness any type of abuse.

"We want people to report their concerns to us, so it's more typical than not to get complaints on facilities, not just this one but any nursing home," Lowery said.

Regardless of what they find, a detailed report will be available once the investigation has concluded.

"Once our investigation is complete, we will issue a report and it will have a narrative that explains what we found and whether or not we cited the facility for any violation of relevant regulations," Lowery said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the Director of the nursing center. She says they are following the company's policies and procedures to cooperate with the agency.

Depending on what the agency finds, it might be weeks before they make a decision on the incident.