Law Enforcement Investigating Bomb Threats at Midland Airport, Odessa Train Depot

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA- Bomb threats at both the Midland International Airport and an Odessa train depot on Wednesday night have left Basin law enforcement trying to figure out who is responsible.

Michael Wooten was waiting for his flight back home to Atlanta, when suddenly the atmosphere changed.

"I was hanging out upstairs in the concourse doing some of my school work when the TSA officers came over and said, 'We're evacuating the building,' and I looked around and everybody was gone," Wooten said.

It was determined there may be a bomb inside the airport.

Deputy Director of Airports' Justine Ruff says, "We received a threat of a bomb in the terminal building. We went through the process that we do when we have a threat like that."

A sweep was performed and then everyone inside was immediately evacuated.

Law enforcement tells NewsWest 9 a call came into the Odessa Police Department on Wednesday afternoon reporting there were multiple duffle bags at the airport that were all scheduled to explode at 6 p.m. Another threat was made to a train depot in Odessa.

Officers swept both locations and determined they were safe. About 20 minutes after the evacuation order was placed, it was lifted. Afterwards, it was back to business as usual.

The FBI is assisting local law enforcement with this case. We're told the Odessa Police Department will investigate the call that came in with the bomb threats.