Ector County Residents Pick Up Storm Damage

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Severe weather hit the Basin on Tuesday night. Power was knocked out for thousands at one point, leaving many people in the dark.

On Wednesday, homeowners woke up to the mess that Mother Nature left behind.

Winds between 55 and 65 mph tore through Ector County as rain and hail pounded the area.

Jim Lawson and his wife were watching the weather reports when the storm hit.

"All of a sudden we heard a tremendous bang," Lawson said.

"We initially thought well we got struck by lightning and then there was dust flying everywhere and then when we thought we're on fire," Lawson said.

But what they heard was something else. The wind lifted their carport and threw it on top of the house.

The force was so powerful, it shot a metal pole and concrete slab through the roof.

The crashing concrete landed in the den barely missing Lawson's wife.

"We were concerned there certainly for a while," Lawson said.

Kevin Skalenda is one of several residents who had trees ripped right out of their yards.

"It started raining and the winds picked up," Skalenda said. "You can see what it did here, snapped the tree in half."

Massive trees were uprooted, leaving behind huge holes in the earth.

A tree barely missed crashing down on one home.

"We kinda came out and took a look around and we were pretty amazed," Skalenda said.

Now the clean up begins.

"Cutting it down trying to get it out of the street mainly until I can hire someone to come haul it off," Skalenda said.

ONCOR crews spent the day restoring power and replacing power poles that snapped in half in front of Music City Mall.

Three more lines were knocked down off of Billy Hext Rd.

One homeowner wasn't so lucky. Fire officials said a lightning strike is to blame for a house fire on Custer Street.

The aftermath of the storm has residents wondering if it was something more.

"I think there was some circulation for it to be able to pick up like that," Lawson said.