Coyanosa Residents Concerned About Nearby Explosions in Reeves County

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

Coyanosa residents are not happy with nearby explosions taking place in Reeves County.

Some of them are even threatening a class action lawsuit.

Applied Research Associates, Incorporated, has been using the Smithers Explosion Site in Reeves County for several years now but what they're setting off now is causing some concern for neighboring Coyanosa residents.

On Tuesday night, residents and 5 A.R.A. representatives out of Littleton, Colorado, met for an open forum.

A.R.A. has used the Smithers Explosion Site for some time for explosion research on equipment for the armed forces.

But recently, the explosions have gotten bigger.

The company is now setting off 9,000 pound explosions that are in close proximity to those Coyanosa residents.

For residents, it has become somewhat of a nuisance with the shaking of houses, noise and the concern with 11 to 12 water wells that have caved in since the explosions began.

Now those residents are asking A.R.A. for better answers and better controls.

It was agreed to give A.R.A. several weeks to come up with some answers.

If not, several Coyanosa residents have threatened a class action lawsuit.

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