Standoff Ends in Odessa, One Man Shot

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Rattled nerves in one Odessa neighborhood after an overnight standoff. Police were called out for a man threatening to commit suicide, but when officers tried to speak with him, 40-year-old Gregory Stoneman, slammed the door in their face. Soon after, they heard gunshots inside the home. Eventually the man came out but things just escalated from there.

"He could be dying and I don't get to see him and that's not right," Gregory Stoneman's mother, Mona Standard, said.

She says her son is a hard working Christian man, so when she heard about what happened on Tuesday night, it was a complete shock.

"he is not like an angry, mean person. He serves in the community, he is a hard worker, always has his kids, he is a good dad, he serves at a church, " Standard said.

Neighbors describe Stoneman as a friendly person and they never saw any red flags.

"It's a mystery to us as to why this occurred. We don't know, we didn't suspect that he was in that state of mind," Stoneman's neighbor, George Ludenback, said.

Others wish, he would've reached out for help.

"It makes you wish that he maybe would have voiced his problems to some people that maybe he felt close to and talk to them about it," Stoneman's neighbor, Charlie Kelly, said.

Stoneman remains hospitalized at Medical Center Hospital, but because he's being legally detained by police, his mother can not see him.

"I wanna see him, if anybody can help me see him, I would appreciate it please," Standard said.

Right now, she has more questions than answers.

"I wish they could have taken a lighter action. I mean if he came out shooting at them I would have to understand, but he would not have shot them. I know him and he wouldn't do that, he is too kind," Standard said.

The Texas Rangers will be investigating incident. As for Stoneman, he is currently hospitalized and is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer.