Hailey Search Team Brings In Extra Help To Find Hailey Dunn

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - The search continues for the missing Colorado City cheerleader and the search team brought in a psychic and investigator to help in the search.

On Monday, the search team held a press conference to talk about what they did.

Even though the teddy bears have gotten old, the searches have died down and the posters have faded out, one group of searchers has not lost hope in finding Hailey Dunn. The Hailey search team brought in psychic Gale St. John and investigative reporter Gary Peterson.

"We don't know in what direction to go what else we can do at this point and we really felt with their high ability, their high experience level and their high success rate, we really thought we can learn from them," Kristy Lloyd, with the Hailey search team, said.

Both of them arrived last week and have sat down with search team and law enforcement. They brought in cadaver dogs, went over notes and went out and searched out areas.

"With their expertise, their best bet was to start from day one. That is kind of what we have done. We started all over like we know nothing except for what we knew on day one and we have gone from there," Lloyd said.

"The areas that they were searching before I think are still viable areas to continue the search and eliminate, that's what you have to do," Investigator, Gary Peterson, said.

"What I am going out and looking for is picking up the residue or the feelings of the actual person that is missing and trying to pick up where I feel them and you follow it like a DNA," St. John, said.

Investigators say that any help will bring them one step closer to finding Hailey.

"Anytime that there is fresh eyes and maybe a different perspective on things, that's always helpful," Kelsey Alexander with the Colorado City Police Department, said.

Even though they weren't able to find Hailey this past weekend, the search team says they will not give up. This has only helped them move forward.

"They have also narrowed some other places down for us so when they leave we will continue searching in those areas that they have come up with, our thought of," Lloyd said.