OHS Student Says Substitute Teacher Bullied Him in Class

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Dustyn White is your typical teenage boy. Sometimes he acts out. Last Friday, he said the f-word to a peer while inside a classroom at Odessa High School. The man substitute teaching the class reprimanded Dustyn. Dustyn says he backed down, but he said the teacher kept verbally attacking him, and it went too far. A student in the class videotaped the situation.

Dustyn's father Mike White says, "I blew my top when I heard it." Dustyn adds, "The student who videotaped it thought it was serious enough to where he thought what [the substitute] was doing was wrong."

Its unclear why but the substitute brings up race. Mike White says the substitute was talking to Dustyn when he told him, "You're whiter than I am." Then Dustyn, a redhead, says the teacher attacked his appearance by saying, "I don't like redheads." Later, Dustyn's family reports the teacher blatantly threatened their son by telling him "I will be back. You better be careful."

Dustyn's family was shocked.

"I was infuriated." Dustyn said. "I felt like they were judging me in the classroom about changing their views on me."

The school, campus police and the district got involved. Ector County ISD Spokesperson Mike Adkins says, "The student did not act appropriately but we expect all of our employees, whether they're substitutes, teachers, coaches or administrators to act in a professional manner and that was not [professional] in that case."

The district says they've made the substitute aware he cannot do that again. However, they report he can still keep his job.

"We are human. Everyone involved in that is [human] and will make mistakes in the way they react to that, and he did," Adkins said.

Dustyn's family says the district is full of hypocrites.

His dad says, "They're out there preaching about anti-bullying and they're supposedly doing everything they can to make sure the children won't commit suicide and stuff like that. Then they turn around and have this type of stuff happening in the classroom from an adult."