City of Midland Offering Sewer Line Protection Service

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On Wednesday, NewsWest 9 reported about a new sewer line protection service that will be offered to Odessa.

On Thursday, the City of Midland announced that they are offering the same thing.

Just like the service offered in Odessa, the plan is optional.

It costs $5.95 per month and covers sewer repairs up to $4,000 with an additional allowance of $4,000 if a street needs to be cut up to get to your sewer line.

The service won't cost the City of Midland a dime.

We've heard some concerns from some of you about this being a possible scam.

On Thursday, NewsWest 9 confirmed with City of Midland that this is a legitimate deal.

Homeowners will be getting a letter in the mailbox with the offer.