Family Mourns Death of Three Children Killed in Accident

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A tragic car accident on Highway 385 took the life of three children last night. On Wednesday, NewsWest 9 spoke with the family who continues to mourn and we found out that one person in that accident may have seen it coming.

"They were on their way here from Seminole. My sister lives in Seminole she was on her way here, it was her, her husband and her four kids and they were going to McKinney Park. The kids love it there, everyday they want to go there," Dayna Araiza, aunt of the children who died in the accident, said.

What was supposed to be a day out in the park enjoying the pool and soaking up some sun turned out to be a living nightmare for the Araiza Family. She says she will never forget when she was first notified of the accident.

"I fell. I was screaming and crying and I couldn't believe, it was just horrible. I don't know started asking about everybody else who were in critical condition. Both my parents, my sister, my brother in law, my other nephew are in Lubbock now. Thank God, she is doing better," Araiza said.

Araiza says just moments before the fatal accident, the stepfather of the children was commenting on how unsafe that intersection appeared to be.

"He said, he was barely talking and saying, gosh there are so many cars. It looked so dangerous, people need to be careful be cause there could be an accident here. As soon as he said that, they just got hit from the back," Araiza said.

It is still unclear whether the driver of the other vehicle will face any charges. For Araiza and her family members, they say they want to see the driver that caused the wreck not walk freely.

"It's not right for her to go on unpunished for something. How can you not stop, how could you not see that, you know you have to be on your phone, you have to be doing something not right. How could you not see?? It was a big van, how could you not see it," Araiza said.