New Midland Program To Help Teens Cope With Problems

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The pressures of high school can be hard for any teen to deal with all on their own and when the problem isn't dealt with, it can often lead to tragic consequences like suicide.  Now Midland High Schools created a new program, that is battling to save teens and help them cope with life's struggles.

"I would hide it and not say anything but I would feel like if I say anything they are just going to go off and tell everybody," one student at Midland High, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

She says she went through some traumatic events in her life and needed a helping hand from someone.

"Parents love you and support you but sometimes you go to school they are not going to be there for you," student said.

And that's where the Learn to Laugh Again program stepped in, it's a coping group that meets once a week during lunch. That's when students can go to the group and talk about any tough situation they might be going through and usually they will have an adult mediating the discussion.

"They have peer support, it is their opportunity just to feel however it is that they are going to feel and we are there just to basically be supportive," Andrea Morales, a Communities in Schools Campus Coordinator, said.

So far, the group has been successful at getting students through rough patches.

"I think it came at a good time because support was needed on campus. Students don't really know how to deal with a death of a peer or of another student even if it wasn't someone they had known personally, just the fact that it had happened here was a pretty big deal," Morales said.

Administrators and students are hoping the program sticks around for years to come.

"Sometimes they just want to talk, they don't want to know how it is that they are going to fix it. They don't want us to fix anything, they just want to talk and feel however it is that they want to feel," Morales said.

"Yes, I want this program to be here and many years more because I want my little brother to be here. I want him to go to that class so he can build up courage like I did," the student said.