Special Needs Teacher Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY - New information on a story we first broke on NewsWest 9. The Andrews special needs teacher accused by parents of abuse will not face criminal charges.

The Andrews School board voted to terminate Terri Ragland's contract earlier this year after she was accused of abusing her special needs students at Clearfork Elementary.

After parents had come forward with tape recordings of the alleged abuse, Ragland did put in her resignation to the district several weeks ago.

NewsWest 9 did receive a written statement from Andrews District Attorney Timothy Mason about the County's decision.

He says, "At this time, based on the facts ascertained in the investigation of Ms. Ragland, although her conduct is certainly deplorable, it does not appear to rise to a criminal level. Should additional witnesses or information become available to law enforcement, this determination could change. Protecting our citizens, especially those that are unable to protect themselves, continues to be of the highest priority to Andrews law enforcement and the District/County Attorney's Office."

The Texas Education Agency still has Terri Ragland's licenses under review and they say they are still waiting to take action.

As for Debra Parent, the aid who was dismissed from the district, we are still waiting to hear if she will continue with her appeal process.