Maid Steals Cash From Homes in Martin County

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY- Homeowners in Martin County are thinking twice before hiring on some help to tidy things up. This after locals reported 37-year-old Elisabeth Klassen was stealing cash from their homes.

At first, two victims spoke up. Now, several more are pointing fingers at her for their missing funds.

The Martin County Sheriff was preparing an arrest warrant, but last Friday she walked into the Sheriff's Office and turned herself in.

She was charged with one count of theft of more than $1,500, which is a state felony.

Klassen was arrested and taken to the jail in Big Spring but she bonded out that night.

NewsWest 9 spoke with several locals who knew of her. They told us she was religious woman who raised a good family. Shock is what many of them felt. Most of them declined interviews saying they feared any repercussions in a small town like Stanton.

Local John Smith urges people to be mindful of letting anyone into their homes, even with a thorough background check.

He asks, "What is 'thorough'? Where do you quit? How do you know if you've actually gotten their background? How do you know it's accurate? That's where that 'trust factor' comes into play. It's sometimes scary."

The case will be fully investigated before being handed off to the District Attorney's office.