EZ Rider to Conduct Survey to Better Serve Their Customers

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9
ODESSA - More people are hopping on an EZ Rider Bus to get around town. Whether it's a spike in people moving in or high gas prices, ridership is up. EZ Rider is now looking at rolling out some changes to meet those needs.
"They should add more routes to 1936, Tripp and Moss," Adam Barron, said. "I think it would be helpful, there's a lot of people, companies that are developing out there."
Adam Barron is one of many local residents wanting to have routes added to West Odessa.
In the next couple of weeks, EZ Rider will be conducting a study on whether additional routes need to be added in either Midland or Odessa. Although that means West Odessa won't get any routes, the survey will give them an insight of the need of buses where there are no routes available.
" That study is really going to be a big deal. It is very important that we do it so that we can find out, are we getting connected to all the people in Odessa that we need to connect with," EZ Rider General Manager, Alonda Massey, said.
With only a minor tweaks, the current routes have been about the same for almost 10 years and with the population growth the two cities have seen, she wants to make sure both communities are serving all their residents.
"The current routes have been this way since 2003 with just minor tweaks, so we're going to look at the routes in both cities and see if we need to change them to make sure that we are serving the people who really need it," Massey said.
Luis Burrola, who is a regular transient, says the city has grown a lot and he believes there is a need for more buses in the community.
"We need more buses because the city is big and a lot of people they don't know about the buses yet so they need to put more buses," Burrola said.
The study is scheduled to take place in the next several weeks. To do a thorough study in both Midland and Odessa, EZ Rider predicts it should take a few months.