Law Enforcement Stepping Up Patrols for Crudefest Weekend

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - 20,000 people. That's the number expected at this weekend's Crudefest going on in Midland County.

Law enforcement is making sure all those concert goers are being safe and staying off the roads. It's a no refusal weekend.

Food, beer and music are all things many people love to mix while at Crudefest.

"Just one big celebration," Crudefest Owner, Cody Baker, said.

But if you wanna mix drinking and driving, think again.

"They're everywhere," concert goer, Heather Talley, said. "They're on horseback, they're in cars, they're all over the road, they're all over the place."

Crudefest staff are working hand in hand with local law enforcement in making their presence known this weekend.

"They're patrolling the grounds, they're patrolling outside the grounds," Baker said. "We got the DPS mobile station here making sure everyone is safe."

The Midland County Sheriff's Office is out in full force on concert grounds.

DPS is providing another set of eyes with their tower cams.

"The sheriffs have actually made a task force to focus just on underage drinking," Baker said. "Obviously we have it posted you have to be 21 to drink out here. It's no different."

Deputies have been making the rounds, confiscating beer and writing tickets.

Concert staff said they're also watching out for those who are allowed to drink.

"If someone feels like they drank too much, they're welcome to stay. They bring their keys to the front and take care of them and we have somebody bring them back in the morning," Baker said.

Concert goers say all the patrols are keeping people in line.

"I think it really keeps alot people not from drinking and driving," attendee, Lane Flowers, said.

"We don't need anybody like that on the road, I mean everyone needs to stay here if they have a spot to stay," Talley said.

We're told there's more law enforcement this year as compared to last. So far so good and that's music to concert staff's ears.

"We want everybody to have a good time," Baker said. "We have cabs available you can find anyone in staff they'll find you a ride or a place to stay, anything like that."

Crudefest ends Saturday night. We're told the weekend event is sponsored by 55 oil companies this year.

Last year, the event brought in over $4 million to the local economy so they're hoping for a great turnout again.