Big Spring Man Run Over and Killed, Family Speaks Out

by Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- 22-year-old Noe Sanchez was run over and killed Sunday night outside of the Family Dollar in the parking lot of the Big Spring Mall.

At 6:40 p.m., Big Spring police officers responded to a call in reference to shots fired.

Sgt. Tony Everett, with the Big Spring Police Department, said, "When officers arrived they found one person down and a large crowd of people. It was pretty much chaos."

Sanchez's brother, who wanted his name withheld, says it felt like a nightmare.

He said, "I got a phone call at my house and my mom told me that my brother passed away and that was probably one of the worst phone calls a family could get."

Police reported a fight broke out between Sanchez and a few other people. Then, shots were fired. During the commotion, Sanchez was hit by a vehicle. Nobody at the scene was hit by gunfire. It's still unclear who was driving the vehicle and who was firing the gun.

The police are interviewing several witnesses but each seems to have a different perception of the incident.

"You take 15 people who see the same thing and 15 people will give you 15 different stories," Everett said.

Sanchez's other brother, Alex, says he knows who did it. He points his finger at another Big Spring family they've had a feud with for years.

He tells us, "It won't stay like this. I'm not threatening anyone or promising anything, but I promise you this won't stay like this."

However, police have not detained anyone, nor have they named any suspects.

For the Sanchez family, the shock has still not worn off.

"I'm not sad. I'm not angry. But I'm pissed off. My little brother isn't here and it hurts me," Alex said. The other brother adds, "Why would someone want to hurt him? Every time I saw him a big smile would come up on his face."

The investigation continues.