Monahans State Park Continues to See Steady Flow of Tourists

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - West Texas has many natural beauties to offer and the Monahans Sandhills is one of them that has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Last year, across the state of Texas, the heat wave caused many attractionS to see a decline in the number of tourists but that wasn't the case for the Monahans State Park.

According to David Dotter, Executive Director of the Park, he says there was a constant flow of tourists even through the extreme weather.

"We are not a water recreation desert, we are in the desert and a lot of folks are expecting to come out here and have hot weather. It just didn't have as huge impact as it did across the rest of the state," Dotter said.

It's not only people from the Basin sliding down the hills, people from all over the world are coming to the state park to sand surf down the glistening dunes.

"All over South America, we get them from Europe, Australia, we even had people from New Zealand here recently, so it's really neat to have that large group of people coming from everywhere," Dotter said.

With the population growth the city is witnessing, the Monahans Chamber of Commerce is taking advantage of the influx of people by promoting it in any way possible.

"We do a resolution run, we help promote them. The chamber put out their first ever chamber directory this year and we promoted the park inter chamber directory that is placed in all the motels tourism bags and things like that," Teresa Burnett with the Monahans Chamber of Commerce, said.

The Sandhills is a park that has many activities to offer, and it's just not for the children, but for people of all ages.

"Most of the folks we have are maybe 30 or 40 and they come out and enjoy the park, I would really like to see more people," Dotter said.

According to Dotter, the Monahans Sandhills are one of a kind attraction.

"It's so unique, the sand and the desert setting is something that you can only see at least in Texas right here, and as we have the Chihuahua desert, it's a completely different formation. The loose sand you see here, you're not gonna see it anywhere else," Dotter said.