New Facilities Coming to Andrews Fire Department

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The City of Andrews is growing fast and now their fire department is doing the same. They're getting two new additions that will help firefighters stay on top of their game.

A growing city with a booming economy is good news for Andrews residents but that can also bring challenges.

"We're faced with things in this town now that we've never seen before," firefighter, Cody Moore, said.

From grassfires to car accidents to tank battery blazes, Fire Chief Joe Harper seconds what his firefighters are saying.

"Our problem now is because of the growth of this town, we've had to purchases so many fire apparatuses that we have no place to keep them all now," Harper said.

With so many firefighting tools and currently 42 volunteers, a new fire station in the works.

"We're trying to pick the company to actually design and construct the building for us," Chief Harper said.

The new building will be on the south side of town and it'll be complete with offices, a conference room and several bay stations.

Chief Harper is hoping the station will be finished by next spring but a different project is set to be finished next month.

It's a new training facility, a first for the department.

"We have never really had a training tower, this will be a three-story with a 40-foot tower," Harper said. "It's growing so rapidly and now we're getting in a lot of multi-story buildings, new apartment complexes, motels are coming in."

The center will help them train for multi-story fires and it'll have simulations for propane, oil and tank battery fires.

"Just about anything we deal with in the county, we'll have that out at the training facility now," Harper said.

It's a change from how they usually train by going to College Station and these volunteers are anxious to get started.

"This will give us something to learn at Texas A&M and bring back here to be able to teach here locally," Moore said.

"It'll be really good to be able to take the new rookies out there and to show them the proper ways to do it," firefighter, Phillip Jones, said. "It'll definitely be an addition to our service for sure."