Decision Over New Andrews Hospital Just Days Away

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- Andrews will soon find out if it gets a brand new state-of-the-art hospital.

Permian Regional Medical Center CEO Russell Tippin tells NewsWest 9, "Saturday can't get here any quicker for me. We're ready."

This Saturday, he'll find out if voters support the project he's poured everything into.

"If you're not growing in healthcare, you're getting left behind," Tippin said.

Tippin and his staff are proposing a bond for a brand new hospital with a $59.4 million price tag. If it passes, the current hospital will be torn down over a three and a half year period and the new facility will be put in its place.

The new hospital would be easier for patients to navigate. Patient rooms will be larger. Technology will be better. Additionally, there will be a bigger focus on wellness education and physical therapy. Plans are even in the works for an indoor walking track.

Labor and Delivery Nurse, Shaunna Payne, says, "A brand new facility is going to be huge to us in labor and delivery. It will mean [we'll have] a whole new and updated security system for our babies and for our mothers."

The project will cost taxpayers around 30 cents a day or about $8 a month.

Local Resident, Eugene Cummins, voted early and he says he's in favor of the new hospital.

"I did that because I know as well as anybody about the importance of having a good health facility in your community where you can get things you really need," Cummins said.

565 votes have already come in from early voters. Tippin is cautiously optimistic but if the proposal fails, he'll still put up a fight.

"If this doesn't pass, it's not over. It just means we got to go back and look at what didn't 'fly'," Tippin said.