Floods Scare Drivers, Bring Out Jet Skis

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The hard rain quenched our parched West Texas ground but it also turned many of our roads into rivers. Curbs and lane lines alike were all hidden beneath the murky depths and Basin drivers were forced to cope.

"I'm enjoying the rain but everywhere you look, it's flooded and if you've got a little car, it's kind of hard to maneuver around," Odessa driver, Casey Elliott, said.

Many drivers tried to plow through the surf, sometimes leading to the loss of their own car to the waters.

"They're flooded everywhere. Everywhere, there's floods," Odessa resident, Cesar Garcia, said. "I drove to Midland this morning and it's flooded from here to Midland. I've seen five or six wrecks on the highway just driving to Midland."

Others said they took at least nine or ten alternate routes to get where they needed to go.

"You can't go down 42nd because 42nd's flooded," Elliott said. "Can't go down University because you've got Tom Green, Alleghaney and then you come down Dixie and you can't go very far because you've got 35th to Bel Air and it's flooded."

But for some people, the flooding wasn't all gloom and doom.

In fact, they chose to celebrate the rain in style, jet skiing down a submerged Tom Green Avenue in Odessa.

"We just figured since the lakes are all dried up around here this is the only water that we have around here and we figured we'd bring the jet ski out here and take it off for a dip," jet ski man, Cesar Portillo, said.

But as it turned out, they needed a little more water than they thought.

"Not as deep as we thought it was," Portillo said.

"We need about maybe a couple more inches of rain and I bet it'll get up a couple of feet down here and we'll be able to ride this thing," Garcia said.

The jet skiers, along with many other West Texans, saw the rain as something our area desperately needed.

Come hail or high water, they'll celebrate their drought worries washing away.

"Anybody out there looking that's got jet skis, bring them out here," Portillo said.