Pecos Residents Headed to the Polls to Vote For Mayoral Election

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The residents in Pecos have a big task ahead of them come election day on Saturday. They can either vote for a new candidate or re-elect Mayor Venetta Seals. Seals says the last two years have been a learning experience for her, but if re-elected, she already knows what she will be tackling in the next two years.

"Street improvements which we certainly need. We also need to work on our infrastructure, our water and sewer lines these are things that kinda have been neglected for two or three decades. There really hasn't been a maintenance program in place, so it's really hitting this Council really hard with everything that needs to be done," Seals said.

Another candidate is Bernadette Portillo Lopez. She has been a teacher for the past 19 years. She believes the City of Pecos has the potential to move forward, considering it was named the second fastest growing community in the nation, according to Forbes Magazine. Lopez says, if elected as mayor, she has great plans for the City of Pecos.

"In the hopes of getting elected is to help with the town you know prosper and change as a result of being placed on the Forbes number two smallest growing city in the nation, that in itself speaks a lot. I would like to be part of a team to allow the city to progress financially, economically and in regard to the oil and gas business right now. We are booming right now and also we got cattle and agriculture," Lopez said.

Noel Mata Ybarra not only is the only man in the Mayoral race but he's also the youngest candidate at 31-years-old. He says he too has great plans for Pecos if he becomes the new Mayor.

"The possibility of bringing in new businesses to Pecos. Promoting Pecos, looking for items to bring into our youth and our community as well as parks and recreational activities for our kids," Ybarra said.