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UPDATE: ECISD Bus Involved in Accident Near Madisonville, Texas

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UPDATE: 9:00 p.m. - Trooper Jimmy Morgan with DPS in Bryan, TX tells NewsWest 9 a Leona Volunteer Fire Department truck was responding to a fire that two other fire trucks were already at. The driver of the third truck tried to make a U-turn on the highway to join the other two trucks, but the driver didn't notice the ECISD school bus coming up alongside it. The truck was struck by the school bus, causing this morning's accident.
ECISD Press Releases:
UPDATE: 7:45 p.m. -- Our ECISD students have made the switch from the CISD bus to our ECISD bus -- at a truck stop off of Interstate 20 -- and are beginning the final leg of their journey home. The group is expected to arrive in Odessa at about 1:00 a.m.
Mike Adkins with the Ector County Independent School District said the original bus did collide with a fire truck responding to a fire along the Interstate. The bus driver was not issued any citations. They will be arriving at the ATC Grandview location; if you plan to go out there please be sensitive to the long, stressful day the kids and sponsors have had.
UPDATE: 3:45 p.m. -- All 12 injured students have now been released from the hospital and are in route to being reunited with the rest of the group. The entire group will be leaving within the next hour on a Centerville ISD bus; that bus will meet an ECISD bus at a yet-to-be-determined location in the Metroplex.
Once again, ECISD would like to thank everyone in Centerville ISD for their efforts throughout the day. Administrators and teachers did so much to keep our folks comfortable and fed and to transport them from the hospitals and, ultimately, half-way home. Truly amazing.
UPDATE: 1:05 P.M.:
12 students were taken to four area hospitals (Madisonville, Centerville, Crockett, and Palestine.) 11 of those students are being released from the hospital soon; the 12th is being held for observation.
Centerville ISD has offered its assistance to transport students released from the hospitals to a single location where all of the other students are waiting. Once all students are in one place, a CISD bus will begin to transport them back towards Odessa -- an ECISD bus is already on its way and will meet the CISD bus at an approximate midway point to pick up the kids.


42 ECISD students, their class sponsors, and their bus driver were involved in an accident Sunday morning near Madisonville, Texas.
Most of those on the bus appear to be okay, though 12 students were transported to a nearby hospital with non life-threatening injuries.
All of the students were able to get in touch with their parents following the accident which occurred around 9:00 a.m. According to reports the school district has received so far, the accident happened as the bus was directed by police to change lanes due to a large grass fire in the area.
The students involved are in the Horticulture class and were on their way back from their annual spring trip.
ECISD would like to thank Centerville ISD for its help with this situation; CISD is transporting most of the group to one of its facilities until a new ECISD bus can be sent there to bring the group home.
Madisonville is in Madison County which is just northeast of the Bryan-College Station area.
Mike Adkins with ECISD says he does not yet know when the students involved in this morning's bus accident will return home. Some parents are driving out to Madisonville to pick up their kids. Other students are waiting for the district to figure out how to get them back to Ector County.
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