Two Suspects Arrested For Passing Counterfeit Money

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Counterfeit money found in Big Spring. Police were able to catch the two guys behind it but what may be startling this isn't the first time it's been found in the city.

"They went to Wal-Mart here in Big Spring and they passed two fake 100 dollar bills," Tony Everett with the Big Spring Police Department, said.

The two suspects left Wal-Mart on Wednesday in a red SUV and the cashiers immediately recognized the fake money so they called police.

"While they were investigating at Wal-Mart watching the video of the transaction one of the patrol officers stopped the red SUV and the two male subjects matched the description," Everett said. 

Police arrested two boys, 17-year-old James Anthony Griego and a juvenile, who was taken to the juvenile detention center. But this was not the first time this has happened this year, earlier some other bills just like these had been passed at the local HEB. Police are still investigating and trying to figure out if these two suspects are the same ones that passed the bills at HEB or if there might be others involved.

"A lot of the times the person passing it is the one that made the counterfeit bills. In this case, we are not sure how many are involved or if any others are involved besides these two," Everett said.

The best thing to do is train your cashiers to look out for fake money.

"The pens that determine if it's a counterfeit are a good idea and just look at the bill. Because a lot of times some of these are not even good counterfeits. In this case, you give someone two $100 bills and they both have the same serial number, there is a problem. It's a good idea for stores to show the clerks what to look for, how to determine if a bill is counterfeit," Everett said.

Big Spring Police is still investigating the case. If the two suspects are found guilty, they could face two to 10 years in prison.