Soaker Hoses in High Demand Across Odessa

By Nahum Sotelo
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Soaker hoses are flying off of shelves at local hardware stores and it all has to do with people trying to stick with those new, tougher water restrictions.

NewsWest 9 spoke with local hardware stores and they said that in the beginning of April they saw a spike in sales of soaker hoses, some of them even continue to be sold out.

These hoses have been approved by the City of Odessa. This is a way homeowners can water their trees and shrubs without worrying about a citation or wasting it due to evaporation.

According to Westlake-Ace Hardware in Odessa, in recent weeks several orders of these hoses have been placed to meet the high demand.

"We didn't realize that the soaker hoses would be as big as they are. The first couple of weeks it was very hard to keep up. We would have 100 or so, so finally we decided to make a big huge order and kept them in stock since," Odessa Westlake-Ace Hardware Store Manager, Eric Suess, said.

Suess says that in the past five years working at the hardware store, he has never seen something like this. If you are looking to buy one of those hoses, call the hardware store to make sure they have them in stock.