Davis Mountain Resort Evacuated

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

April 29, 2012

UPDATE 3:00 PM: The Livermore Ranch Fire is estimated at 10,246 acres. Meanwhile, the Spring Mountain fire has charred 9,580 acres. The Texas Forest Service has ordered additional resources including multiple engines and aircraft to work both the Livermore Ranch Fire and Spring Mountain Fires. The evacuation order remains in effect for the Davis Mountains Resort.

UPDATE: Davis Mountains Resort is still under an evacuation order this morning. Jim Fowler with the Fort Davis Volunteer Fire Department tells NewsWest9 that the Livermore Ranch fire has burned roughly 8,800 acres and it did not grow much overnight. The Spring Mountain fire has also burned about 8,800 acres. Fowler says the weather today will be hot and dry, which will not help firefighters battling the flames. Davis Mountains Resort VFD and Fort Davis VFD are assisting the Texas Forest Service with putting out these fires. Today, the Texas Forest Service is bringing in single engine air tankers to fight the flames.

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY - NewsWest 9 is continuing to monitor a developing situation out of Jeff Davis County.

Fires are forcing residents to evacuate the Davis Mountains Resort. We're told the Livermore Fire is threatening homes in that area.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Jeff Davis County dispatch and they said that the fire is slowly burning about two to three miles from the resort.

Residents are being asked to take a few important.

For those of you who may not know, the Davis Mountains Resort is a subdivision that's in a very scenic part of the county.

We're told there are hundreds of lots out there but not all of them are homes and we've also been told there are about 130 full time residents.

The Davis Mountain Resort is located off of Highway 166, near Paradise Mountain.

Officials tell NewsWest 9, the Livermore Fire is the one threatening the Davis Mountain Resort.

The fire has actually crossed into to the head of Lympia Creek which runs through the resort.

Another fire, the Spring Mountain Fire, is also burning.

The two fires combined have scorched over 16,000 acres and the fire is about 60 percent contained.

Residents are being told to go to the Elementary School in Fort Davis as they will remain evacuated through at least the overnight hours.