Jimson Weed Landing Teens In Emergency Rooms

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
ODESSA - Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner and for emergency rooms that means more teens landing there thanks to a local plant that grows in the Basin. 
This time of year, thrill seeking teens will be testing out the toxic plant jimson weed to get a cheap high. 
Jimson Weed is annual plant that grows in this area and every year thrill seeking teens are testing this herb out.

"You can find this more common in pastures around town. It is a plant which people will use for their hallucinogenic affects," Dr. Lawrence Voesack said.
Doctors say during this time of the year is when they see teenagers landing in their emergency rooms, experiencing a dangerous high because of jimson weed.
"Normally what you see when somebody is ingesting the leaves by inhalation or the seeds by ingestion, they become very intoxicated and hallucinate," Voesack said..
But the teens that are normally trying this out are first timers who aren't aware of its reputation and aren't prepared for the side effects. Besides high temperature, blurred vision and extreme delirium, it can extremely dangerous.
"These chemical can be very toxic to people and animals, to the point where you can actually die from it," Voesack said.
Doctors say this has been going on for years and sometimes even local farmers have problems with this weed.

"Back in the 50's when people looked to alcohol for recreation, marijuana was not that prevalent at that time. So people looked at jimson weed. Ranchers will see it with their cattle because the cattle will eat the plant and they will start acting crazy," Voesack said.
When people land in the emergency room doctors can't do anything but hydrate and monitor them, they just make sure that the person doesn't do anything to injure themselves. 
The best things doctors recommend is for parents to speak to their children about the dangers of this and other drugs.