Parents in Andrews Tired of Bullying, Want Something Done

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - From suspected bullying to alleged sexual harassment. Some parents in Andrews say enough is enough. Those parents say they're concerned about their kids at an Andrews Elementary School where they say the problems haven gotten out of hand and they claim the principal is not doing anything about it. On Thursday, the principal held a meeting for parents to voice their concerns.

"They're leaving us in the dark and we have to find out from our kids that they are getting bullied and that stuff like this is happening to them," Concerned Parent, Jennifer Hernandez, said.

"It's their job, that is what they get our money for, is to take care of our kids. We trust them with our kids and they are not doing their job," Concerned Parent, Tammie Stanford, said.

Parents in Andrews are frustrated at the bullying and harassment situation going on at Devonian Elementary School. The school is only for second and third graders. On Thursday, they shared their children's horrible experiences with NewsWest 9.

"He was attacked by two little boys. One little boy told him to take his clothes off and the other repeated," Concerned Parent, Patty Rondan, said.

Rondan says she wasn't notified by the school about the incident, even though they were fully aware. Instead, she learned what happened from her son when he came home.

"He went to take his pants off and they told him 'now take your underwear off.' He said 'I don't want to', he said 'you better take your underwear off now'. My son said he started pulling them down. When he got close to his knees and they told him, you better not tell anybody what happened today or we will kill you," Rondan said.

"My son was already using the bathroom, he was already walking out to go back to his class. This child came back behind him and rubbed his private area on his bottom," Hernandez said.

Hernandez found out through her son and was alarmed and reported the incident to police, Child Protective Services and the school. Once again, the school failed to report it to her.

"She said since he was ok, she didn't feel necessary for her to call me," Hernandez said.

But it doesn't end there. Other parents are not happy about the bullying that's going on with their kids.

"He has a disability and he is being getting bullied in P.E.," Parent, Allen Standford, said.

"It's been three incidents, he's been bullied," Parent, Veronica Caballero, said.

As we mentioned, the school held a meeting in their cafeteria on Thursday to talk about the issues going on. Cameras were not allowed at the meeting. Parents say that the school wants to create a PTA group and they want parents to help roam the halls to help catch bullies in the act.

The parents called NewsWest 9 shortly after the meeting. They felt like the meeting was no help and just left many parents angry. Some of these parents have gone to the Superintendent to discuss the problems.

The Superintendent told NewsWest 9, the principal was holding the meeting to help the bullying situation that was going on. They want to be able to have full communication with the parents to help improve the students situation at school.