Rise in RV's Causes Fire Safety Concerns for Officials

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

The county is growing at a fast pace and due to the lack of availability of housing where there use to be only one house, now you see multiple RV's parked, and county residents aren't the only ones noticing.

According to Al Mata, Assistant Fire Marshal with the Odessa Fire Department, "We have seen a huge increase out there in the county. I know the housing has become a major problem within the city and other communities nearby. We have seen a huge population explosion," Mata said.

Within city limits, you might see an RV parked but there is a process before you can park it in your property.

"In the city, there are requirements that you have to meet. There is an inspection process that takes place to make sure all those electrical connections are being done appropriately. In the county, there's inspectors that can go and make sure," Mata said.

Mata says that the electrical work should be left to the professionals to avoid any hazardous situations.

"A licensed electrician will give you the right guidelines to make sure your RV is properly connected," Mata said.

If you choose to live out in the county, there are some safety measures you should consider before doing so.

"Make sure you provide sufficient clearance. Be careful placing an RV, make sure the vegetation is cut down low and not place the RV too close to each other," Mata said.