Odessa Standoff Ends in Deadly Gunfire

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- An intense standoff on Monday between an Odessa man and law enforcement finally ended in deadly gunfire.

It all started in the early afternoon when Odessa Police Officers tried to serve a warrant to 40-year-old Rene Francisco Najera at 913 Patton Drive. When officers got close to the house, they heard several shots fired from inside the residence. Officers backed away and immediately had a perimeter set up.

All neighbors close to the house were evacuated. A SWAT team and Crisis Intervention came onto the scene. A Department of Public Safety helicopter spent hours circling over the area as a negotiator on the ground worked with Najera to persuade him to surrender. Najera was armed and considered dangerous.

Just after 5 p.m., officers brought in tear gas on-site. Santos Uvalle lives across the street.

"They started shooting tear gas into the house and I guess it dragged him out of the house and he acted like he surrendered but he never really surrendered," Uvalle said.

The SWAT team surrounded the house. Najera then stepped outside and pulled the trigger on himself.

"Kids were screaming. Kids were really close. I mean, it was crazy," Uvalle said.

Najera's son sprinted towards his father but officers tackled him to the ground. Najera died at the scene.

Uvalle adds, "It makes me sad that a lot of people had to witness this, you know, children crying and screaming."

Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.