Residents Homes Damaged From Suspected Drunk Driver

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Around 2:00 Friday morning, at the corner of California Avenue and Big Spring Street in Midland, Carlos Becerra woke up to his own car smashing through the wall by his bed.

"Like somebody shook me wide-awake and everything," he said. "All I see is the bed pushed away from the wall. I woke up my son. He was laying next to me. Outside, in the front door, I see a cloud of dust and smoke."

What he saw was a car resting in the building of Boudreau's Automotive.

That car had smashed into his, totaling it and making it spin into his own home.

Neighbor Ashlee Hernandez's home was the first victim of the car, where it plowed by her wall, shattering the window in her kitchen where she and her five children usually eat.

"It was like an earthquake," Hernandez sad. "It shook and I just remember just getting up and just waking my kids up because I have five kids and just getting them out the door."

"The passenger was screaming, saying 'Get me out, get me out,'" Becerra said. "The driver, he was unconscious."

Witnesses told NewsWest 9 the driver looked like he was going 90 miles per hour.

They also reported seeing a bottle of Crown Royal taken from the car by Midland police, who confirmed that alcohol was the suspected cause of the crash.

Becerra had just moved into the rental house four days ago but said he'll still stay there.

He hopes his landlord's insurance comes through.

"He has homeowner's insurance and stuff like that," Becerra said. "He said he'll take care of it. Hopefully the insurance goes fast and I can get back to work."

Hernandez now has her windows boarded up and her children staying with friends. She doesn't know how she'll fix what was left behind for her.

"Now we have to deal with it. My lights are out. I have no electricity. My air conditioner is totaled," Hernandez said. "We're doing without so somebody else had their fun last night and other people got to suffer for it."

Both the driver and passenger of that car were taken to Midland Memorial Hospital.

The driver is in critical condition while the passenger is stable condition.

Their identities are not being released at this time.

For now, the unlucky people on the street are just thankful that none of their lives were lost.