Midland Plumber Repairs Spike After Water Rate Increase

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND  - West Texans are making some big changes to keep their water bills down but especially in Midland.

After the Tall City approved a huge spike in water rates, local plumbers have been trying to keep up with the demands for repairs.

It may not look like a lot but this leaky faucet can add up. At a time when water is low and rates are high, every little drop counts.

Plumbers with the Bosworth Company said their phone hasn't stopped ringing ever since the Midland City Council approved a water rate hike back in March.

"We try to get everything caught on a same day basis but we're staying busy," Wayne Beaird with the Bosworth Company, said.

There's been a jump in repairs for just about everything from dripping faucets to running toilets.

"That hadn't been a top priority for people until the new rates and restrictions kicked in but it definitely is now and we're seeing a big increase in the amount of work we're doing," Beaird said.

Circulation pumps are also getting looked at.

"People don't run so much water down the drain waiting for it to get hot in the shower, the lavatory or whatever," Beaird said.

Not only is the Bosworth Company seeing an increase in leak repairs around homes but they're also getting more requests for drilling wells. Beaird said that's something they usually don't do.

"We really didn't go out and pursue that kind of work but we had customers that just out of desperation, contacted us," Beaird said. "They were being told they were six months out, a pretty long waiting list."

Bosworth crews have been busy connecting pools and sprinkler systems to the new water wells and residents aren't taking any chances. Plumbers are installing leak detectors to prevent future problems.

"If a leak ever occurs and one of these sensors detects water, it immediately sends a signal back and shuts the water off," Beaird said.

But even these plumbers wouldn't mind if Mother Nature takes over.

"Hopefully we'll get some rain," Beaird said. "We enjoy having the amount of work but we'd rather see some rain or water so we're not opposed to that."