House Speaker John Boehner Visits Midland, Talks Oil

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - Washington public figure John Boehner made a special trip to the Basin on Tuesday afternoon. The Speaker of the House made a stop near Gardendale to get a first hand look at the oil and gas industry.

Speaker Boehner was in West Texas with U.S. Representative Mike Conaway.

Boehner said what he saw in Gardendale on Tuesday was America hard at work, developing our natural resources and putting people in good paying jobs.

The Speaker of the House toured a fracking site where he said the process is very safe and nothing to worry about. He also visited a CanElson drilling rig.

Boehner was very vocal in how he feels President Obama is doing in the White House.

He said the president's actions are not reflecting his words to the public.

He also said West Texas is part of our country's success in oil so far but it's being hindered by Washington.

"The Permian Basin produces probably at least a quarter of America's oil everyday," Boehner said. "It could produce a lot more. This is what America wants. They want us to be self-sufficient and producing our own oil and gas. That's what 80% of the American people want. Why does the president continue to stand in the way?"

Boehner said if we didn't rely on overseas oil so much than we could have a more stable market and cheaper gas.