Mandatory Uniforms at MISD Schools to be Discussed

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Schools in Midland are trying to even out the playing field for students by making them wear standard attire, better known as uniforms.

The eleven elementary schools pushing for the change include: Bonham, Burnet, Crockett, DeZavala, Fannin, Henderson, Sam Houston, Jones, Jane Long, Ben Milam and Rusk.

Jane Long Elementary School Principal Linda Hall says, "They feel like it will help with students who feel left out and who feel a difference in socio-economic areas."

Hall says parents and the community have wanted mandatory uniforms for almost a decade.

She adds, "I think it will reduce the amount of kids being left out or excluded or maybe sometimes made fun of."

The look would vary from school to school, but would generally consistent of a solid-colored polo skirt and black, khaki, or navy pants and skirts.

Hall says there's research that shows it'll help parents who are on a tight budget.

"They feel like it's less costly and that it's an economic advantage to be able to have uniforms," she says.

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Hundreds of comments came pouring in over the past few days on the NewsWest 9 Facebook wall.

Single mom Jessica Rodriguez says, "It'll be difficult to have to buy uniforms in addition to every day clothes.

Denise Parker tells says, "Uniforms won't improve bad, lazy and incorrect parenting."

But, Joey Todd explains, "It forces kids to cultivate a personality, instead of letting clothes do that for them."

"I've had a few comments from parents that say, 'My kid likes to dress up like a princess or wear designer clothes,'" Hall said.

However, the schools say they want their kids to stay focused on learning, not comparing wardrobes.

The proposal is up for discussion at Tuesday night's school board meeting. If passed, it will be implemented at the start of the next school year.