Odessa Business Windows Shot Out, Business Owners Frustrated

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Several Odessa businesses woke up Monday morning to broken windows. As NewsWest 9 found out it wasn't just down one road, it was all over the city.

"We came in this morning and just noticed another window was shot out," Jason Samp with the Basin Compliance Inc., said.

But this is not the first time this has happened to them, this seems to be a constant problem.

"Since January first, we have had four windows shot out from BB guns, people driving by and just causing mischief," Samp said.

On Sunday night, the business was hit again and also several others down Grant Street and other streets in Odessa.

Business owners say they're frustrated with the situation.

"We have to board up the windows before we get them replaced. It looks unprofessional, it just doesn't make downtown Odessa look right," Samp said.

"It's always frustrating when someone takes advantage of your business when your purpose is to serve the people," Ron Schroeder, Owner of Bush's Chicken on North County Road West in Odessa, said.

This is such a constant problem that some business have changed out their windows and boarded them up.

"Through out the years we have had three windows shot out in this building at separate times. So we just got tired of replacing them so we put up wood and its seem to have helped handle the problem," Carolyn Hart, owner of Pet Connection, said.

But businesses who are keeping their windows just want the police to catch these culprits.

"I feel like the police should be doing more to patrol the community. We are given a peace of paper they say fill this out and turn it in and that is the extent from anything we hear about the police department," Samp said.

Police tell NewsWest 9, they are still investigating and have no exact numbers on how many different businesses were hit. They believe it might have been a pellet gun or BB gun.