Monahans Charity Rolling Out Aid to Dallas

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - 349 homes destroyed and another 750 homes damaged.

Countless people are now flooding shelters in the Dallas area, while here in the Basin, help is on the way.

Supplies are coming to those people straight from Monahans and the charity, Mission Possible.

"Our first destination will be Arlington, where we'll check into our hotel from there," Mission Possible's Head Coordinator, Parker May, said. "After that, we're going to head over to Lancaster."

NewsWest 9 has brought you Mission Possible's story before, a group of high schoolers who bring supplies to fire victims across West Texas.

They're no strangers to disasters.

They traveled to the Bastrop fires near Austin last summer.

"When we drove into Bastrop, we didn't know we were even in Bastrop," May said. "It was black. The only thing you could see was burnt picket fences. I can't even imagine my house being ripped apart, my everything lost. I can't picture it."

"I think it's going to be even more eye-opening because you see all these people who lost their homes because of the tornado," Mission Possible's Co-Coordinator, P.J. Calder, said. "One Texan is going to help out another Texan and that's what we're going to be doing in the next couple of days."

The latest national reports show 1,100 homes were struck by those tornados.

Now six members of Mission Possible are going to be taking $6,000 worth of supplies out there to those who need them.

"We have various clothes, basic toiletry necessities, feminine products," May said.

"Clean up the debris, we're going to go help, just volunteer what we can," Calder said.

Just one month ago, Mission Possible nearly went broke but a recent flood of donations allowed them to make this trip, but they believe all of that will be gone by the time they get back.

But Monahans residents like Boyd Barron are already helping them out, giving them proceeds from his garage sale next-door and promising them any items they can use that he doesn't sell.

"They, in turn, can turn around and use it however they can use it and encourage other people to do the same thing because we might need help ourselves," Barron said.

Through Friday night and all through Saturday, they'll do whatever they can to bring the aid of West Texas to our friends in need across the state.