"Hit List" Investigation Sparks Parent Outcry

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Nimitz Junior High "Hit List" investigation, starting on Monday, wrapped up on Wednesday.

No injuries were reported and no criminal charges were filed.

Ector County ISD Police discovered that the student who made a list of other students who had bullied him posed no threat with it and the investigation was over.

But many parents were upset that their child went to Nimitz but they received no word about this.

That scared parents.

"Nimitz and Permian, OHS, we've got guns and drugs and threats and bullying," one parent who chose to remain anonymous, said. "This is a serious problem. It's scary. I'm scared to send my daughter on to junior high because she goes to junior high next year."

The feeling was echoed on our NewsWest 9 Facebook page, parents upset that they weren't notified.

They wanted to know why a mass notice wasn't given out like at the Odessa High School lockdown last week.

"Any elementary, high school, junior high, whether it be a fabricated story or a possible threat, parents need to know what goes on with our kids in our schools. Bottom line," one parent said.

District officials said the two investigations are completely different types.

"It really does apply on a smaller scale here," Mike Adkins, ECISD Director of Communications, said. "The students who were involved in this incidence were notified right from the start. Any parents with questions about their own student, they got the answers they were looking for if they were pertinent to their own child and that's the whole big thing. What you're wanting is information on other students and their involvement and that's not something we're going to be able to share."

Officials said they hope parents take away from this investigation that they can always ask about the safety about their own children but when it comes to the affairs of others, that's between the district and the students and parents involved.

District officials told NewsWest 9 at no point during this investigation was any danger posed to students who were not involved in the incident.

The investigation will stay wrapped up with no criminal charges filed.