Tornados Leave Travelers Stranded at the Midland Airport

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- On Tuesday afternoon, every flight from Midland to Dallas was canceled. At least a dozen tornados touched down near Dallas and Fort Worth. The twisters tore the roofs off homes and knocked down power lines and trees.

Brian Martinez witnessed one of the tornados.

He says, "We knew it had touched down once we saw transformers starting to blow. You could actually see the debris starting to fly up into the air so we were kind of watching it begin and watching it take shape."

The full extent of the damage is still unknown.

Martinez says, "There were a couple of houses I saw that their roofs completely torn off and you were able to look into the houses so there is quite a bit of damage but people are starting to clean it up."

At Midland International Airport, all flights to Dallas were grounded, leaving many people stranded.

Anthony Muhammad was told he would not return to his home for another two whole days.

He says, "They told me that my connecting flight to Dallas was canceled and the flight from Dallas to Detroit was canceled so they can get me out tomorrow afternoon to get to Dallas and then Thursday to get from Dallas to Detroit."

His only other options are to rent a car and drive or pay several hundred dollars to fly a new route.

"Hotel prices are ridiculous around here and they're probably full so what can I do?" Muhammad said.

The airport tells NewsWest 9 they had to close the upstairs concourse overnight so stranded travelers staying the night will have to find a place to sleep in the downstairs lobby.