Red Cross Gets New Disaster Relief Trailers

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When disaster strikes, the Red Cross isn't too far away. But over the last year, the non-profit needed some help of their own.

West Texans stepped in to help with their emergency response which will go a long way in helping them this wildfire season.

Last year's wildfire season was so devastating, the community banded together to bring some relief. With their support, the Red Cross now has three disaster relief trailers and it's what's inside that will make all the difference.

It looks small, but it'll have a huge impact in the middle of a crisis.

After an extremely active wildfire season, the Red Cross had been stretched thin.

"We asked specifically what do you need and last year, if you remember, with all the wildfires we had, they said they needed emergency equipment," Pastor, Robert Pase, said.

Pastor Pase said the parishioners at Grace Lutheran Church in Midland raised over $7,000 to get a disaster relief trailer filled with emergency needs.

"There's 100 cots and everything that needs to go with a cot," Pase said. "Blankets, pillows, everything inside."

The Rockhounds and Devon Energy also donated money. With those funds combined, the Red Cross was able to get three new, custom-built trailers.

They'll go wherever they're needed in the 26 counties they serve.

"If there's a fire, like say at an apartment complex, they can set up and people can have beds in an instant," Pase said.

The new equipment will also bring relief, faster.

"With all the wildfire and destruction last year in Marfa, this could've really came in use last year but they didn't have it," Pase said. "Hook it up to a truck and they can be there a lot quicker than loading up trucks."

Pase said it's important for the Basin to give back when we've been given so much economically.

"We have been given a lot and it's our privilege and responsibility to give back," Pastor Pase said. "When a disaster helps and nerves are frayed, we want to get them help as quick as possible and this will help."

The Red Cross is always in need of donations and volunteers so if you'd like to help out you can visit their web site at