West Texans Take Their Chances With Mega Millions

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - What would you do with $640 million? That's the question everyone was asking for Friday night's Mega Millions lottery.

Tickets sold like crazy for the biggest jackpot in U.S. history.

Anticipation has been building since Tuesday for this drawing. An estimated 14 million tickets per hour sold across the country for the huge jackpot and everyone is hoping that they have the winning numbers.

"People are going crazy so I figured I'd go crazy too and I put down ten bucks," Tom Murray said.

Convenience stores in the Basin were flooded with customers, the majority who all want one thing, to win the Mega Millions lottery.

"Over the last couple of days it's reached the highest in sales at least at this store anyway," Alicia Gambrell said. "It's been very busy."

At $640 million, it's the biggest jackpot in world history.

"Companies are coming in and buying like two or three hundred dollars at a time," Gambrell said. "We're just making tickets. That's where I spend all my time is on the lottery machine."

Several people NewsWest 9 talked to said it's their first time playing.

"Yea because it's that big," George Richardson said.

"I just felt like it was time to play at least one time," Willie Young said.

"I haven't played before but I'm playing now because the jackpot is so high," Gambrell said.

The odds of winning are one in 176 million.

"I'm trying to finance my education but I'll probably lose but it's ok," Kaitlyn Barton said.

But that's not stopping people from imagining what they'd do with all that cash.

"There's so many things I would do if I win, good things," Barton said. "Education, debt free, so much."

"If I won, I would go on to the Caribbean, live on a private yacht and spend money," Murray said.

"I'd take me and my wife and our precious daughter on a getaway," Richardson said.

"Retire," Young said. "I'd probably give to my family and whoever I could help out, it doesn't matter."

One thing many of these players have in common? They tell NewsWest 9 they'd give back first.

"Make sure I pay God first, tithes and offerings because God comes first," Richardson said.

"I would give to charities, I'd be walking on the streets just blessing everybody," Gambrell said.

The winning numbers from Friday night's drawing were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and Mega Ball is 23.